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Natural Horse Boarding

Track Consultation

  • 1 h
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Service Description

The principal objective of Natural Horse Boarding (based on Jaime Jacksons research of the wild, free-roaming horses of the US Great Basin) is to provide an interesting life for our equines. More often than not we see horses being locked up in stables for hours on end with nothing to do but stand there and no one to interact with or given turnout but in a boring flat pasture with nothing to do but gorge himself to an early death. Track systems stimulate movement as seen in the wild, whilst enabling and facilitating band behaviour. If correctly put in place they can strengthen hooves, prevent laminitis and other diseases. Track consultations can be arranged separately or with your Natural Trim at an additional cost. ***YOU CAN BOOK THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONAL SERVICES DURING THIS BOOKING*** 1. The Natural Trim - additional fee - please enquire, or see service listing. 2. Natural Horsemanship - additional fee - please enquire, or see service listing.

Contact Details

  • Birmingham, UK

    +44 7958405418

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