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Lemon Balm

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

A member of the mint family, Lemon balm is considered a calming herb. It has been used for centuries to reduce stress and anxiety, to ease pain but also discomfort from indigestion (including gas, bloating as well as colic). It is said to have anti inflammatory effects which support metabolic health and has a soothing effect on the horses nervous system.

Lemon balm is a bushy perennial herb with deliciously lemon-scented leaves. The whole plant is edible, for humans and horses. I add mine to salads and sauces and it makes a gorgeous tea.

I grow mine on the inside of my track. It is super easy to grow, it will grow in sun or light shade. I started by sowing a few seeds in pots undercover in my poly tunnel in March, once they were large enough to handle I separated them into individual pots and then eventually moved them outside. I have all my herbs on the inside of the track so the horse’s can not damage the plants. I cut bunches of herbs and leave them to dry, then put them on the track for the horses to self select. I never add additional herbs to their bucket feeds.

Things to remember; there has been no definitive study of the diet of the Great Basin wild and free roaming horses. Luscious green grass is known to cause founder so be aware that living herbs and plants may do the same.

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