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Initial Consultation + Natural Trim

(inc. Natural Diet Consultation)

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 80 British pounds

Service Description

As part of your initial consultation, your horse will receive its first natural trim. Additionally, we analyse your horses diet, looking at how to move to a reasonable natural diet. What is The Natural Trim? The Natural Trim is a trim method that mimics the natural wear patterns of the wild, free roaming Great Basin horses. Here, the cycle of healing begins. Our job is to create sound healthy horses and to facilitate natural growth patterns in hooves. When these natural wear patterns are applied to the hoof at roughly 4 – 6 weeks, the natural trim triggers a cascade of integrated biodynamic forces that produce and reinforce naturally shaped hooves. What is a Reasonable Natural Diet? A horse fed on a reasonably safe natural diet will flourish in domestication. Although there has not yet been any scientific research on the wild horse diet we can therefore only recommend what Jaime Jackson found during his research and studies of the free-roaming wild horses of the US Great Basin. Wild horses simply do not stand in one place to eat, they have the freedom to move about and for that reason get a variety of foods and nutrients. We must strive to provide a good sized pasture containing a variety of plants and safe grasses for them to consume. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation out there but we are always happy to discuss how to simplify your horse's diet so that it works better for his digestive system and overall health, including laminitis prevention. ***YOU CAN BOOK THE FOLLOWING ADDITIONAL SERVICES DURING THIS BOOKING*** 1. Natural Horse Boarding - additional fee - please enquire, or see service listing. 2. Natural Horsemanship - additional fee - please enquire, or see service listing.

Contact Details

  • Birmingham, UK

    +44 7958405418

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