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What are
The 4 Pillars?

The 4 Pillars of natural horse care (NHC) are the foundations of natural care based on the wild horse model. They include Natural Boarding, Natural Horsemanship, a reasonably Natural Diet, and The Natural Trim (Natural Hoof Care).

What is the
Natural Trim?

 The natural trim is a proven humane, barefoot trimming method that mimics the natural wear patterns of wild, free-roaming horses (aka, the “mustang”) of the U.S. Great Basin. The natural trim “triggers” natural growth patterns just like we see in the healthy, sound hooves of wild horses. The official ISNHCP trimming guidelines are based on these wild horses of the U.S. Great Basin, conducted by Jaime Jackson during the 1980s.


What is the
ISNHCP Training Program?

The ISNHCP training program is the most natural training possible for domesticated horses. Students go through the training program at their own pace according to their ability and preparedness to advance from one training step to the next. For students who want to do the right thing for the horse, this training program is tailor made for you.

Step 1 of the ISNHCP Training Program must be completed with the ISNHCP. Application link Below

I am a fully qualified ISNHCP Natural Hoof Care Practitioner and instructor and provide training for Steps 2 to 5. Application link Below

"I'd love to hear from you about training, please use the link above to find out my upcoming dates!"

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