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Natural Hoofcare - Natural Horsemanship - Natural Horse Diet - Natural Horse Boarding



We strive to follow the four pillars of Natural Horse care: Natural hoofcare, Natural Horsemanship, A Reasonably Natural Horse Diet and Natural Horse Boarding.

To advance the humane care and management of domestic equines worldwide through the application of proven practices and principles based on the research and findings of the wild, free-roaming equines of the U.S. Great Basin.

Our Mission

The 4 Pillars

Equine Soul follows The 4 Pillars of Natural Horse Care (NHC). These pillars are the foundations of natural care based on the wild free-roaming horse model of the U.S Great Basin. They include natural boarding, natural horsemanship, a reasonably natural diet, and the natural trim.

Natural hoofcare
Natural horsemanship

Natural Hoofcare

Natural hoofcare is the science and holistic practice of giving horses naturally shaped hooves modelled biodynamically after the hooves of the wild, free-roaming horses of the U.S. Great Basin.

Natural Horsemanship

Natural horsemanship is all about working with your horses natural gaits and being in harmony with your horse.

Natural horse diet
Natural boarding

 A Reasonably Natural Diet

Providing a reasonably natural diet for our horses by providing free access to grass hays and, ideally, various bushes, trees, shrubs, herbs and wildflowers.

In the wild we would rarely see the horse linger in a 'lush grassy area' for long but is seen to grab a few bites here and there and then continue their travels for up to 25 miles per day. 

Natural Horse Boarding

Paddock Paradise is a concept based on “the lifestyles of the wild and free-roaming horses living naturally in the U.S. Great Basin” that was first conceived as a way to provide domestic horses with an environment that more closely resembles their natural habitat.

It facilites socialisation and natural movement.

The Four Pillars
Equine Soul's Grace Diviney_edited_edite

Hi, I’m Grace

I am a fully qualified ISNHCP Natural Hoof Care Practitioner and instructor. I came to find natural horse care through the book ' Paddock Paradise'. I was so inspired by it all I booked my flights to California to study with Jaime Jackson!

My Vision

A world were domestic horses can live free of cruelty and be healthy enough that our services are no longer required.

My Story,

My horse had suddenly been diagnosed with laminitis and at the time I knew nothing about the disease. The vet had recommended supportive shoeing and 24 hour box rest for as long as was necessary. I was willing to try anything else because shoeing and stabling felt so cruel to me. Whilst researching laminitis I came across Jaime Jackson and his book 'Paddock Paradise' and thought I would give natural boarding a go. Cut a long story short two months later I was on the plane to train with him in California.

I had no intention of doing it as a career but here I am six years later a fully qualified practitioner and instructor and encouraging others to join the programme. I love that my job is a whole horse approach, not only can we guide domestic horses and their owners through their natural hoof care journey but we can also help with all other aspects of natural horse care (natural boarding, a reasonably natural diet and natural horsemanship). Everyday I show up to work knowing that I am making a difference in not only a horses life but their owners as well.

Natural horse practitioner
My Journey

My Happy Clients

Follow my journey and see my happy clients

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